You shouldn’t be drinking champagne out of a flute. Here’s why.
You know how you like to swill champagne during the holidays? You’re probably doing it wrong. Champagne is never a bad idea, of course. It is perfect for celebrating all joyous things, including leaving your soul-killing job, commemorating the end of hurricane season, watching that scene in “Game of Thrones” where Cersei Lannister blows up half [...]
Champagne harvest ‘hardest and shortest’ in history
Although the vintage started well, with hot and dry weather from May until late July (favouring an early budburst and blossoming), the month of August turned out to be warm and wet – conditions that favour the incidence and rapid spread of botrytis in the bunches... Read More
Champagne Season
With the changing of the clocks and the crack of fireworks behind us, we are on the home straight towards festive chaos and all the wonderful vinous delights that the silly season entails. Yet the romantic in me still enjoys pairing wines with the weather and in the final days of November, against a backdrop [...]
Chardonnay to surpass meunier plantings in champagne
Currently the third most-planted variety in region, behind Meunier and Pinot Noir, Descôtes said at a lunch in London last week that Chardonnay would overtake Meunier in the near future, such is the growth in plantings of this white grape. Although Champagne’s 34,000 hectares are fully planted, Descôtes said that growers who choose to replace [...]
All French champagnes, including the Champagne region's excellent vintage wines, are classified according to a few principal designations, or styles, that denote either the types of grapes used or the amount of sugar added (the latter is contained in the dosage, the small amount of still wine added to champagne just before the cork goes [...]
This is how to pick a good champagne
“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” That’s what Dom Pérignon reportedly said when he invented champagne and tasted it for the first time. And few would deny that champagne is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But as much as we may enjoy a glass or three to a make a special occasion that little [...]
How women are changing champagne
One of the most famous brands of champagne bears a woman's name, but for many years women played little role in the industry. Now that is changing. Juliet Rix met some of the new wave of female tastemakers... Read More
Are You Pronouncing These Champagne Names Correctly?
When Champagne gets transported into another country, it’s normal that the pronunciation is adapted to suit the language. However, if you’re curious how to pronounce Champagne names comme il faut, you’re in the right place. Even if you’re quite confident with French, the names can sometimes be tricky as many originate from other countries such as Germany. Tip: “on” and [...]
The 8 Best Places To Drink Champagne In New York City
Fashion week's best accessory? A glass of champagne. Here are our 10 favorite places—some new, some classics—to drink bubbly... Read More
10 Unique Champagne Food Pairings
Classic Champagne food pairings are fantastic for starters, but what happens after you’ve exhausted the same old tired combinations? (i.e. oysters and Champagne, caviar and Champagne, yawn…boooooring!) It’s time to get unique and try some Champagne food pairings that can be enjoyed even when you are not wearing a tuxedo... Read  More