The epitome of refinement and elegance, the land that gives its name  to champagne wine is as rich and varied as the sparkling nectar it produces. Land of kings, counts and crusaders, powerful monasteries, Renaissance masterpieces, eminent artists and philosophers… the history and heritage of Champagne will inspire and fascinate you with stories to uncover and anecdotes to relate. The illustrious past of Champagne is firmly linked to the present with a recent listing of the landscapes, cultural heritage and traditions of Champagne as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Top quality accommodation, fun-filled activities and of course a plethora of ways to discover and sample the sparkling wine that has conquered the world will ensure that visitors to Champagne will want to return time and time again to discover more. The gateway to Champagne is the city of Reims, just 45 minutes from Paris or 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport by TGV (high speed train). Coronation city of France and home of many prestigious champagne houses, Reims is a university town with all the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolis.

nuit du champagne a selection of champagne from franceThe extensive champagne vineyards stretch southwards from Reims, over the Montagne de Reims to Epernay, the Capital of Champagne and home to the famous ‘Avenue de Champagne’. They continue more sporadically towards the beautiful medieval town of Troyes with another concentrated area of vineyards covering the hills to the south-east. This is the realm of the Knights Templar, the Counts of Champagne and the Cistercian order with mystical names such as the Forêt d’Orient and the Abbaye de Clairvaux.

Continuing south east, the beauty of the landscapes will not fail to charm, with exquisite orchids by the wayside, bubbling sources of great rivers and an abundance of rare and wonderful wildlife. In the far reaches of Champagne, the perfectly preserved fortified city of Langres keeps a watchful eye over the peace and harmony of man and nature. It is also the name of a nice french cheese.

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