Created in 2001 by the “Syndicat Général des Vignerons de la Champagne” to develop the notoriety of Champagnes produced in the vineyards, the collective banner “CHAMPAGNE DE VIGNERON” represents all Champagne growers and unions of winegrowers who market Champagne. Each winegrower creates with passion her/his own Champagne, reflection of a unique terroir” and know-how passed down from generation to generation in accordance with the specifications of the “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Champagne”.
The Champagne growers who are members of the “Champagnes de Vigneron” collective banner share the same values and guarantee Champagnes:
– That come from from family farms,
– Of great quality: the vines are cultivated by the winemakers themselves and vinified on their own estate or within a union of Champagne growers,
– Unique, rare and expressive reflections of a terroir from the “Champagne Appellation”,
– Of great diversity: 5,000 Champagne growers and unions of Champagne growers are members of this collective.

Champagne André Robert

The Robert Champagne Estate is above all a family business. The ROBERT family have been cultivating vines for several generations.
Henri ROBERT (1881-1948) began working on vineyards after the 1st World War when vines were planted “en foule”. In the 1930s he established the first group of wine-farmers in order to share equipment needed for pressing and wine-making.
At the start of the 2nd World War, André ROBERT  (born in 1925) began to work in the vineyard with the use of a horse. In 1960 he bought the Estate as it is today with its amazing chalk-stone cellars for ageing dating back to the 19th century – and began to sell his own bottled champagne in 1962. Bathed in the world of champagne throughout his childhood, Bertrand ROBERT took over the estate in 1961, with his wife Colette joining him in 1990.

Binon Conquard

In our families, the vine culture has been passed on from generation to generation since 1669. The Binon and Coquard families have always vinified their production.
The alliance of these two names took place during the 1970s on the occasion of the wedding of our parents: Martine and Jean-Pierre who regrouped their wine heritage in a single exploitation.
Located in the Côte des Bar, south of the Champagne appellation, we are proud to exploit this terroir, so particular and so dear to our ancestors.
The Champagne BinonCoquard was born in 2000,thanks to Maxime’s arrival. In 2012, his sister Cyrielle, joined the house to continue the development of the estate.
This tandem brings to our brand the dynamism and passion of youth by giving it a unique style and character.
We combine technology, user-friendliness, audacity and taste for novelty, while remaining attached to ancestral values. We do all the work ourselves; from the vineyard to the marketing, through the vinification.
It is a privilege for us to be able to exercise this profession of winegrower which is so dear to us.

Champagne Bliard Moriset

The blending of our vintages is performed with consistency using Chardonnay grapes from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru terroir. The stages of the vinification that allow the wine to slowly develop are carried out on the property, in the fresh intimacy of our chalk cellars, under the watchful eye of our winemaker.

Champagne Caillez Lemaire

The blending of our vintages is performed with consistency using Chardonnay grapes from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru terroir. The stages of the vinification that allow the wine to slowly develop are carried out on the property, in the fresh intimacy of our chalk cellars, under the watchful eye of our winemaker.

Champagne Chapuy

Champagne CHAPUY is a Family Estate of 8 ha of vineyards . The majority of them is planted with Chardonnay grape-variety which allows to produce a fine and light Blanc de Blancs Champagne very typical of this region.
CHAPUY Family is inextricably linked with Oger’s history because one of its ancestor was mayor of the village just after the French Revolution.

Champagne Delavenne

Four generations their family have been striving to convey their love for wine and vine, by making champagne which is certain to perpetuate its name for a long time.
Each of their cuvées is prepared with passion and skill, and expresses what is best in its terroir. Discover a range of aromas, suited for every occasion..

Champagne Jean Velut

In the late 1960’s, Jean Velut & his wife, Huguette, had to give up their farming land near Troyes as the city expanded.
The family had some land in the nearby village of Montgueux. They decided to work towards developing a viable vineyard there. They started planting and farming some small vine parcels: their first harvest was only 639 kg.Nowadays, their son, Denis, is responsible for the vineyard. He farms about 7.5 hectares (18.5 acre). They sell some of their harvest to a vintner; they store the remainder in our purpose built cellars, to make your favourite beverage.

Champagne Eric Taillet

The culture of the vine has always been present in the Taillet family, however the development of the Champagne began a little later. The vines were maintained to produce beautiful grapes, healthy and of quality. It will be necessary to await Daniel Taillet so that the first bottles are marketed. We are in 1961 and the Maison Taillet is born.
The story is launched … it was in 1995 that Eric Taillet took over from his father, continuing to cultivate his vineyards with respect, to maintain them to obtain exceptional harvest.
Today, he has the chance to share this passion with his two children, the most beautiful reward.

Champagne Faniel & Fils

In the center of Cormoyeux, an authentic village in the heart of the Marne region, the Faniel domaine has been writing its history for 3 generations. Open the doors of this independent family house that always worked hard to showcase its exceptional terroir with a variety of natural and authentic cuvées.

Champagne Gauthier Christophe

The Gauthier family has been making Champagne from father to son since three generations. Serge Gauthier and his wife Jacqueline Christophe created the house of Gauthier-Christophe in 1988 and successfully demonstrated their savoir faire over the years.
Nowadays Laurent and Catherine perpetuate the legacy left by their ancestors and bring their own special passion for the vines and the wines.
As independent growers we produce only wines made from grapes grown on our estate, giving us total control of quality. We follow sustainable farming methods that respect the environment and the greatest attention is given to each step of the production, whether in the vineyards or the winery..

Champagne Geoffroy

The roots of the Geoffroy family date back to the 17th century. Cumières, a village in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne is where this line of winemakers is rooted. The few acres of vineyards that their ancestors cultivated and handed down from generation to generation provide the link to our Champagnes.

Champagne Gilbert Leseurre

A three generations family domain, Gilbert Leseurre created his own Champagne brand in 1979. The vineyard stretches over more than seven hectares, and spreads over different towns of the Côte des Bar. The grape variety consists of 10% Chardonnay, 80% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier.

Champagne Guy Charlemagne

Champagne Guy Charlemagne is situated in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, in the small village of Mesnil sur Oger. As father to son winegrowers since 1892, they only harvest and vinify grapes from their own vineyards. They produce around 130 000 bottles per year, sold 30% in France and 70% abroad. Their motto “QUALITY IS MY TRUTH” is a constant motivation. Surrounded by a highly qualified staff, they all work together to elaborate their wines with the same objective. As a family business where tradition finds its path, they wish to share with you the values of their prestigious terroir by highlighting quality, authenticity and their dream.

Champagne Guy de Chassey

You cannot evoke the name of the village of Louvois without referring to the castle that faces the home of the Guy de Chassey champagne.
It is difficult to imagine the magnificence of the castle and its gardens which then made Louvois, a Champagne-based Versailles. Today, Louvois is recognized for its classified Grand Cru 100% vineyard, because only 17 villages in Champagne have obtained that label.
They have been farming their 9.5 hectares within the family for more than 7 generations. The first two generations were winegrowers. From the third they began to handle the production under the Lucien Beaufortname. Since then, only one know-how has perpetuated from generation to generation. Today Marie Odile de Chassey and daughter Ingrid continue this beautiful but feminine story!

Champagne JC Ricciuti

At 09h32, on Tuesday 6 June 1944.
After a voyage lasting twenty-one days, Albert Ricciuti stepped onto French soil for the first time on Utah beach. His father, an American of Italian origin, had preceded him by twenty-seven years by landing on the French coast in 1917 during the First World War. Coincidence, luck or fate?Luck was kind to Albert, and he survived the different campaigns in France unscathed. By coincidence, he met Paulette Révolte during a stopover in Avenay-Val-d’Or, and the beautiful story began.And fate? Fate had been at work for a long time… On his return from France, Albert’s father brought his future bride with him, a young woman from Arles who was to become the mother of Albert Ricciuti. Time passed, and history became wiser. The respite gave time for reflection. In1963, Albert Ricciuti decided to cross the ocean one more time, to rejoin Paulette Révolte and settle in his newly-adopted region. Together and happy, the couple Ricciuti Révolte married, savoured their time together and built their own history: the Champagne Ricciuti Révolte. An American wine-grower! The Champagne region had little time to smile at this utopian idea, for Albert observed, worked, learned and then mastered. If champagne is a jewel, jewellers are passionate about their work, and Albert had the talent. This family history was to be marked one last time by the history of mankind. On 22 November 1963, thousands of miles away from Avenay-Val-d’Or, Kennedy was assassinated. At the time, Champagne Ricciuti Révolte was expecting the forthcoming birth of an heir. In honour of President Kennedy and his actions, Albert chose John as their son’s forename. Paulette added Charles as a homage to General de Gaulle. The Franco-American entente saw this as a worthy symbol, the Champagne region saw it as one of the jewels in their crown, but it was now the family’s history that came to the fore. Since 1981, John has pursued the work of the family, to which champagne is a witness. Since then, he has a blended, as for the greatest vintages, all the qualities of his filiation under the label JCR, and the champagnes of the House are widely distributed in France, in Europe and are now ready for the american market.

Champagne Lacoutre Godbillon

The PREMIER CRU village of Écueil is situated on the western flank of the “petite Montagne de Reims”. Our 20.5 acres of vineyards is planted 85% to Pinot Noir and 15% to Chardonnay, all of it in Écueil except for 1.2 acres in the neighboring village of Les Mesneux. Our vines have an average age of 30 years.
Winemakers from all over the Montagne district have long bought Pinot Noir vine plants from Écueil. There was even a school here where they could learn how to graft these stocks. Up until a few years ago we bought Pinot Noir plants from the local nursery. From now on, we will be implementing our own ”massal selection” of the best plants for cuttings in our own parcels of vines, in order to preserve this heritage.

Champagne Le Mesnil

The vineyard of Le Mesnil sur Oger has a truly excellent terroir, 100% of its vineyards are ranked as “Grand Cru”. The vineyard is situated at the heart of the prestigious “Côte des Blancs”, so called because of the omnipresence of the superb Chardonnay. The white wine made from this grape, with its white skin and flesh is the reason why the appellation is known as the “Blanc de Blancs”. The quality of our vineyards comes from the fact that they are east-facing. With vineyard topsoil over a base layer of chalk the vineyards have excellent hydric qualities thus allowing the chardonnay grape to reach their full potential.

Champagne Lionel Carreau

Located in the heart of the Côte des Bar, in the Champagne du Sud, Lionel perpetuates, respects and transmits the tradition received from his father and grandparents to Oriane, one of his three daughters, with whom he shares the daily life of the family estate. Both work the vineyard with respect of nature, based on a sustainable viticulture. They vinify their Champagnes, which they assemble according to the harvests.
The plots are mostly planted with Pinots Noirs and Lionel has made the judicious choice to plant Chardonnays and keep the real Pinots Blancs of his grandparents to make single-grape or blend Champagnes that will seduce you …

Champagne Nathalie Falmet

After studying Chemistry at the Paris XI University and receiving a degree in oenology in 1993, Nathalie Falmet took over the family business and became a winegrower in ROUVRES LES VIGNES in the COTE BAR where she vinified her Cuvées.
• 1st woman to have the titles of winemaker and oenologist
• Elaboration of 3 champagnes, mastered from the cultivation of the vine to commercialization.
• Both a winegrower and Oenologist she is one of the few women in Champagne to hold both titles and practice both professions simultaneously.
• Since October 2009, she has been selling 3 Cuvées in which she has been involved since the cultivation of the vine until the marketing of her bottles.
• For these 3 cuvéesher professional experience allows the 3 grape varieties to express their champagne character, terroir of the Cote des Bar and Millésimes which gives her wines a convincing personality.

Champagne Rafflin Lepitre

Conjugation of two Champagne families, owners of vineyards since the eighteenth century, Maison Rafflin-Lepitrewas created in 1971 by Jean-Pierre Rafflin and Dominique Lepitre. The first wines were marketed under the brand in 1984. Since September 2015, the new generation has joined forces to perpetuate the family’s history, nestled in the heart of the Grande Montagne de Reims, in Chigny-les-Roses. Emilie, Eric and Perrine are committed to the values transmitted and are today changing the habits and traditions of the House and engaging in a new dynamic. The lay of their land enables them to elaborate varied, fruity and greedy vintages, expressions of the specificities of a Premier Cru terroir. In order to allow time to work, their champagnes are marketed only after a minimum of three years aging on lees, allowing the gradual maturation of tertiary aromas.

Champagne Sadi Malot

It all began with Socrate Malot, the founder of Sadi Champagne. As a tribute to his brother Sadi, who was named thus because he was born on the day of the assassination of Sadi Carnot (the French President from 1887 to 1894) and died during WWI, he gave his company and his son this name of great historical importance. Today, his great grandson carries on the name and continues to work with his father.

Champagne Sourdet Diot

Sourdet-Diot Champagne was born in the heart of the prestigious Marne valley, or more precisely at La Chapelle Monthodon. Today, our vineyard spreads over 11 hectares of vines on southeast facing slopes, providing ideal grape-growing conditions.

Champagne Trudon

To sustain such heritage, a highly sound approach of trade and product, and a true passion are shared. As an independent Wine-grower and œnologist, Jérôme TRUDON follows the precept of « devoting his talent to searching for the wine quality and its wine-derived products while respecting their authenticities, their organoleptic and nutritional qualities. »
Champagne TRUDON therefore holds the title of Producer-Wine-maker and joined the confederation of Independent Wine-growers, who are references for wine amateurs.

Champagne Xavier Loriot

Driven by a taste for innovation and a well-known dislike of following the herd, Xavier Loriot Champagne reinvents its champagnes every year. Contemporary by nature, the family business is committed to a mission to create a sensation every time it brings out a wine. Rejecting the established rules, the men and women of Xavier Loriot Champagne allow free rein to their intuition and talent.